Kalstein Laboratory Food Freeze Dryers: A Technical Tour

Laboratory food freeze dryers are specialized devices designed for the freeze-drying process in food preservation. Freeze-drying is a preservation method that involves freezing the product, followed by the removal of water by sublimation. Kalstein Company has designed and manufactured a number of these advanced devices in its category. In this article, we dive into the technical specifications of the Kalstein models.

Kalstein model YR05983: a compact freeze dryer

The YR05983 model is a compact freeze dryer with an overall size of 400x550x700mm. Consuming a maximum power of 1100w, this device requires a 220V 50HZ power supply. It has a food tray with an area of 0.1m2, designed to handle individual food batches of 1~2kg. Its gross weight is 80kg, reflecting its durability and robustness. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/home-use-freeze-dryer-for-food-yr05983/

This model has a number of three trays, with a tray size of 140*278mm. Each tray is separated by a space of 40mm, which allows optimal airflow during freeze drying. This device ensures a uniform drying temperature of -25ยฐC to +60ยฐC and a condenser temperature of โ‰ค-50ยฐC.

Features of the YR05984 model: a larger and more powerful freeze dryer.

Moving on to the YR05984 model, we find a larger and more powerful laboratory freeze dryer. America reinforced by its overall size of 700*860*930mm, it has a larger food handling capacity, with individual batches ranging from 4~6kg.

This model has a food tray area of 0.4m2 and four 200*420mm trays. The spacing between trays is slightly larger at 45mm. Despite the larger capacity, this device maintains a constant drying temperature range of -25ยฐC to +60ยฐC and same condenser temperature of โ‰ค-50ยฐC. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/food-freeze-dryer-yr05984/

Kalstein model YR05985: revolutionary and with more capacities.

The YR05985 model is a sophisticated specimen in Kalsteinโ€™s line of freeze dryers. It has a freeze-drying area of 0.6m2 and can hold 6-8kg.

This freeze dryer has four 300*400mm trays and a water capture capacity of 10kg/24h. Its innovative electrical control system provides the ability to display the freeze-drying curve and temperature in real time, allowing intelligent temperature control and easy defrosting function. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/food-freeze-dryer-yr05984/

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05985-1 and YR05985-2: maximum efficiency and temperature control

Finally, the YR05985-1 and YR05985-2 models go even further in terms of efficiency and temperature control. These freeze dryers have freeze-drying zones of 0.7m2 and 1.04m2, respectively. A temperature difference of ยฑ1 ยฐC and an attractive cold trap of โ‰ค -75 ยฐ C (no load).

They are also equipped with significant water uptake capabilities and impressive pumping rates. These models definitely represent the highest quality and most accurate equipment Kalstein can offer in the laboratory food freeze dryer category. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/silicone-oil-heating-lyophilizer-yr05985-1-yr05985-2/

So, whether you are looking for a compact freeze dryer for small jobs or a more robust model for heavier workloads, Kalstein has the perfect equipment for your freeze drying needs. As always, Kalstein products guarantee performance, durability and precision in every piece of equipment.