Kalstein Blood Bank Refrigerator Models: Technical Specifications and Features

As medical laboratories and hospitals strive to maintain high standards of practice, the acquisition of efficient and reliable equipment becomes a must. Such is the case with blood bank refrigerators, whose role in the proper preservation of blood is critical. In this spectrum, blood bank refrigerators from the manufacturer Kalstein stand out for their sophisticated technology and efficiency-oriented design.

Each model โ€“ YR05091, YR05092, YR05094 and YR05292 โ€“ features distinctive technical specifications and comprehensive features to ensure safe and effective storage of blood bags.

Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05091

Kalstein model YR05091 is an ideal refrigerator for blood preservation in laboratories. With a capacity of 108 liters, it can store up to 66 blood bags of 450 ml. This equipment uses forced air cooling to ensure proper preservation of donations. Operating at a temperature of 4 ยฑ 1 ยฐC, it allows an ideal environment even at ambient temperatures fluctuating between 10 ~ 32 ยฐC.

Its energy consumption is 1.95 kWh / 24 h, accompanied by an acceptable noise level of 49.6 db (A). In addition, this model has an automatic defrosting system for easy maintenance, and its refrigerant is R134a, which plays a vital role in preserving the blood bags at the optimal temperature. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/blood-bank-refrigerator-yr05091/

Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05092

With an increased capacity to 208 liters, the YR05092 model can store up to 132 450-ml blood bags, making it a more powerful option for larger facilities. Similar to the previous model, this refrigerator maintains a controlled temperature of 4 ยฑ 1 ยฐC, offering crucial thermal stability for any laboratory.

This device operates with an energy efficiency of 2.22 kWh/24 h, while maintaining a controlled noise level of 51.2 dB(A). Its NTC sensor and microprocessor controller allow for accurate and efficient monitoring of the conditions inside. In addition, its robust design with stainless steel interior and steel sprayed colored exterior makes it a durable and reliable alternative. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/blood-bank-refrigerator-yr05092/

Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05094

The YR05094 model is the largest option in the series with a capacity of 658 liters and can store up to 360 450ml blood bags. Its temperature range and operating conditions are similar to the other models in terms of forced air cooling and temperature control.

The main difference lies in its higher energy consumption, which is 6.31 kWh / 24 h, but is justified by its higher capacity. In addition, its operating noise is 51.2 dB (A), and it uses stainless steel for internal construction, thus ensuring compliance with sanitary standards. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/blood-bank-refrigerator-yr05094/

Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05292

Featuring a much higher level of capacity, the YR05292 model with 1008L offers exceptional performance in terms of blood storage, with features that ensure safety and efficiency. This model comes with built-in alarms for high/low temperature, sensor error, power failure, and door ajar.

Operating at a temperature of 4ยฐCยฑ1ยฐC in a variable ambient temperature range from 10 to 32ยฐC, this model uses a microprocessor controller to manage its performance. Its refrigeration system is based on a singular compressor and R134a refrigerant, maintaining optimized cooling and providing frost-free defrost for easier maintenance. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/blood-bank-freezer-with-12-pcs-304-stainless-steel-drawers-yr05292/