Innovation in universal laboratory power supply: a look at Kalstein models

In the age of information technology, the quality and performance of medical and laboratory equipment are essential to ensure successful scientific research. In this context, Kalstein stands as a reference brand in the market, offering equipment that meets high quality standards and specific requirements of the scientific community. Today, we present some of the most outstanding models of Universal Power Supplies.

The dynamism of technology in the universal power supply Model YR03395-2

Kalsteinโ€™s Model YR03395-2 represents a breakthrough in laboratory power technology, boosting performance and versatility. This device offers constant voltage, current or power output, making it easy to adapt to specific laboratory needs. With increments as precise as 1V, 1mA, 1W, it allows fine adjustments for efficient and safe operation. In addition, its wide output range, from 5 to 200V, 1 to 2000 mA and 1 to 200 W, gives lab personnel a wide range of possibilities.

The flexibility of the YR03395-2 benefits from its adjustable timer range from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes, allowing extended programming for specific tests or experiments. In addition, it has a V-hr range from 1 to 99999V-hr with an increment for every 1V-hr, ensuring accuracy and reliability. This model includes an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, and four output jacks for versatility.

Rugged and accurate: Kalstein models YR03399-2, YR03400-2, and YR03404

The YR03399-2, YR03400-2 and YR03404 models belong to Kalsteinโ€™s new generation of universal power supplies. Like the YR03395-2, these units also offer a constant voltage, current or power output, with the particularity that their output range goes up to 10-600V, 1-500mA, and 1-300W. This large output capability, in combination with their detailed 1V, 1mA, 1W increment, provides great accuracy and versatility in their operations.

These models also feature an adjustable timer range from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes, providing adaptable timing control for any type of test or laboratory experiment. In addition, they feature a V-hr range from 1 to 99999V-hr, incrementing by 1V-hr, ensuring accurate and reliable power supply for laboratory systems.

User-centric designs: intuitive and convenient interfaces

The YR03395-2 as well as the YR03399-2, YR03400-2 and YR03404 stand out not only for their energy efficiency and adaptability to various tests, but also have a notable advantage in their user-oriented design. They feature backlit LCD displays that ensure clear readability of information, even in low-light environments.

In addition, these models feature four sets of output jacks, maximizing their functionality and convenience in the laboratory. These output jacks allow simultaneous operation of multiple devices, optimizing efficiency and productivity in the lab.

Raising the Standard in Laboratory Power Supplies

Kalstein models are examples of how innovation, precision and user-centered design can come together to provide high-quality laboratory equipment. With their ability to provide constant voltage, current or power, combined with a wide range of outputs and timers, these models offer the technical specifications to meet the most stringent demands of modern laboratories.

Their simple 1V, 1mA, 1W increment, and V-hr range with 1V-hr increment, ensure precise control of the power supply, enhancing safety and efficiency in the laboratory environment. The arrangement of 4 output sockets and a backlit LCD display takes usability to new levels of convenience and efficiency. With this equipment, Kalstein positions itself as a benchmark in the forefront of laboratory technology.