Innovation in Laboratory Technology: Kalsteinโ€™s Advanced Vertical Laboratory Freeze Dryers

In the depths of the scientific laboratory, freeze dryers are indispensables machines for concentrating, purifying and storing various heat-sensitive substances. This apparatus may seem intimidating, but it is critical in many scientific processes. Here, we will explore the features and specifications of Kalstein model laboratory freeze dryer equipment.

Vertical Laboratory Freeze Dryer: Models YR05197-1

As the first offering in the Kalstein laboratory freeze dryer series, we find the model YR05197-1. This equipment is specially designed to ensure optimum efficiency in laboratories.

First of all, it has the capacity to handle a total of 24 ampoules, which allows the user to handle several samples simultaneously. In addition, it has an ice collection capacity of 6Kg in 24 hours, a pumping speed of 4L/S and a final speed of โ‰ค5pa, which facilitates an efficient and fast drying process. This model operates with a power of 1400W, reflecting its high performance and durability.

Laboratory Vertical Freeze Dryers: Models YR05191- YR05193

On the other hand, there are the models YR05191 -YR05193. These models have a freeze-drying area of 0.08mยฒ and 0.12mยฒ respectively. Their construction with a 10mm thick material panel and a ะค180mm material tray makes them ideal for more demanding laboratory tasks.

They have an impressive water uptake capacity of 3-4kg/24h, and an ultimate vacuum of โ‰ค5pa (no load). They offer a cold trap temperature of โ‰ค -56ยฐC (no load), and can optionally reach โ‰ค -80ยฐC (no load). Their power of 970 W and their host weight of 62 KG equally reflect their high quality and strength.

Vertical Laboratory Freeze Dryer: Models YR05194 -YR05197

For even more demanding laboratory operations, the Kalstein series offers the models YR05194 โ€“ YR05197. These can handle freeze-drying areas up to 0.27mยฒ thanks to their 10mm thick panel material.

In turn, these models have a high water uptake capacity of 6 kg/24h and maintain a final vacuum of โ‰ค5pa (no load). As for the cold trap temperature, it operates at โ‰ค -56 ยฐ C (no load), being able to optionally reach โ‰ค -80 ยฐ C (no load). Its power of 1400 W and a host weight of 105 KG proves its resistance against long term and continuous use.

Laboratory Vertical Electric Freeze Dryer: Models YR05198 โ€“ YR05201

Finally, for more advanced laboratories, Kalstein offers the YR05198 โ€“ YR05201 range. These freeze dryer models feature freeze drying zones of up to 0.27mยฒ and have a 10mm thick panel material. They also possess an amazing water uptake capacity of 6 kg/24h and an ultimate vacuum of โ‰ค5pa (no load).

Notable in these models is the storage temperature of -40 ~ +60ยฐC and the ability to maintain a cold trap temperature of โ‰ค60ยฐC (no load), with an option to reach โ‰ค -80 ยฐ C (no load). Its power rises to 1800 W, indicating its high efficiency and performance in the laboratory.