Innovation and Technical Specifications of Kalstein Medical Coolers

In the scientific and medical world, high-quality laboratory equipment is essential to properly store temperature-sensitive samples and products. Kalstein brand medical refrigerators offer outstanding features and technical specifications to meet these critical needs. In this article, we will focus on four must-have models for any clinical or medical laboratory: YR05086, YR05288, YR05289, and YR05290.

YR05086 Medical Refrigerator: High Performance and Reliability

I will first start by detailing the features of the YR05086 model. This medical refrigerator brings efficiency and reliability to the medical environment thanks to its forced air cooling system, which provides uniform temperature distribution to ensure the protection of samples and reagents. It uses R600a refrigerant gas, known for its low global warming potential and non-toxic properties. Its energy consumption stands at 5.75 kWh/24h and it operates in a temperature range of 2 ~ 8 ยฐC, suitable for most medical materials and substances.

This model of the Chinese brand has a microprocessor temperature control system and a digital monitor that allows medical personnel to closely follow the conditions of the refrigerator. With a spacious capacity of 656L/23.16 cu.ft, the YR05086 comes complete with automatic defrost function to optimize its performance and reduce required maintenance.

YR05288 Medical Refrigerator: Precise Control and Extra Safetyย 

The next model in the line is the YR05288 medical refrigerator. This refrigerator, like the previous one, offers a temperature range of +2 ~ +8โ„ƒ using a forced air cooling method. In addition, it is equipped with an alarm system that triggers upon any power failure, high/low temperature, door ajar or thermostat failure, providing additional safety for medical personnel.

The digital microprocessor in this chiller allows precise control and the ability to make adjustments based on specific needs. It uses R290 refrigerant and has a 316L capacity. In addition, the frost-free defrost feature helps to effectively preserve the contents and makes it easy to maintain.

Pharmacy Laboratory Refrigerator YR05289: Energy Efficiency

Another option to consider is model YR05289. This laboratory refrigerator comes equipped with a forced air cooling system, ensuring uniform temperature distribution. It has a solid energy consumption of 2.37KWh/24h and its 5 shelves are ideal for maintaining order and organization of various drugs and samples.

Like the other models, it is equipped with a microprocessor temperature controller and a digital display monitor to keep temperature fluctuations at bay. With a capacity of 416L/14.69 cubic feet, this model is perfect for those looking for energy efficiency and sufficient storage space.

YR05290 Glass Door Medical Pharmacy Refrigerator: Practical and Efficient Design

Finally, we present model YR05290. This medical refrigerator features a glass door design that makes it easy to view the contents without opening the door, which helps reduce temperature fluctuations. Like the other models, this one also uses the forced air cooling system, and has an energy consumption of 2.8KWh/24h. With a capacity of 316L/11.15 cubic feet, this model combines efficiency and practical design.

Kalsteinโ€™s medical chillers stand out for their state-of-the-art technology, energy efficiency, and high performance, offering cooling solutions suitable for any laboratory, clinic, or medical facility. Each model is designed to precisely meet the specific requirements and highest standards of the medical industry.