Innovation and Efficiency: Kalsteinโ€™s Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuges

Refrigerated centrifuges are essential tools in research laboratories, clinical laboratories, and hospitals. They are used for the separation of mixtures and solutions through centrifugal force, especially those containing biological elements. Kalstein company offers a selection of highly functional and high-performing refrigerated centrifuges, which are ideal for various laboratory applications.

Model YR115: Speed and precision

The YR115 model stands out for its maximum speed, reaching up to 20,500 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a maximum Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) of 29,200 x g. This model has a maximum capacity of 750 ml x 4, perfect for handling large size samples or multiple small samples simultaneously.

In addition, its speed precision of ยฑ 50 rpm, temperature adjustment from -20 to +40ยฐC with a temperature accuracy of ยฑ1ยฐC, make the YR115 a highly precise equipment. Its French Tecumseh R404a compressor unit guarantees optimal performance and a extended lifespan.

Model YR118: Large capacity and durability

For those who need to handle a large volume of samples, the YR118 offers an impressive maximum capacity of 2,400 ml x 6. Although its maximum speed is lower than the YR115, being 8,000 rpm, its maximum RCF reaches 11,260 x g.

Just like the YR115 model, the YR118 has a speed precision of ยฑ 50 rpm, a temperature adjustment from -20 to +40ยฐC and a temperature accuracy of ยฑ1ยฐC. Additionally, its power supply is AC 380V 50Hz 40A, making it compatible with the needs of several laboratory environments.

Models YR0113 and YR0112: High speed and flexibility

With maximum speeds of 22,000 and 21,000 rpm respectively, the YR0113 and YR0112 centrifuges represent the ultimate in high-speed centrifuging. With a maximum RCF of 52,000 x g for the YR0113 and 50,400 x g for the YR0112.ย

Both models have a maximum capacity of 1,000 ml x 4 ml and a French Tecumseh compressor unit, R40Aa. These models combine high speed with a remarkable loading capacity, making them ideal for laboratories with large volumes of samples.

Model YR122: Low speed and gentleness

The YR122, with a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm and a maximum RCF of 1,000ml x 4, is an effective option for those procedures that need gentle handling of the samples.

It also has an impressive speed precision with a minimum of ยฑ 50 rpm and a temperature adjustment of -20 to +40ยฐC. Equipped with a French imported compressor unit, this model also maintains a cozy working environment with a noise level of โ‰ค 65 db (A).

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s refrigerated centrifuges offer versatility, efficiency and precision to modern laboratories. Regardless of the specific demands of your laboratory, there is a suitable Kalstein model that will meet your needs.