Innovation and Accuracy in the Laboratory: Kalstein Oil Bath Equipment at a Glance

Kalstein oil bath equipment, with its versatility, durability and performance, defines the standard for laboratory devices. Their focus on accuracy, efficiency and safety ensures that they are the optimal choice for any laboratory looking to improve their daily operations.

Unique Design and Models for Superior Performance

Starting the conversation about the Kalstein YR04973 and YR04976 oil bath devices means talking about innovation, accuracy and efficiency in the laboratory. These models, along with the YR04974 and YR04975, lead the industry with their performance and durability, as well as unquestionable quality.

Each model comes with different power ratings ranging from 1 000W (YR04973) to 2 000W (YR04976), ensuring accuracy and speed in all laboratory operations. In addition, the variety of chamber sizes, which accommodate specific tasks, increases the versatility of this Kalstein equipment.

Unmatched Temperature Range and Accuracy

Kalstein models have a temperature range from RT. +5 ~ 250ยฐC, a fact that speaks to their ability to accommodate a wide range of laboratory activities. Combined with a temperature resolution of 0.1ยฐC and a temperature fluctuation of โ‰คยฑ0.5ยฐC / division accuracy โ‰คยฑ1ยฐC, these instruments ensure precise and uniform control, essential for accuracy in any laboratory task.

Unparalleled control with PID technology

With a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller, Kalsteinโ€™s oil bath models ensure superior and consistent performance. This technology enables precise temperature regulation, promotes fast responses to changes and limits errors, achieving performance never before seen in the lab.

Time, Safety and Adaptability

Kalstein oil bath equipment comes with a built-in timer of up to 999 minutes, allowing scientists and lab technicians to work efficiently and accurately at predefined times and facilitate multitasking.

In addition, they incorporate advanced safety systems, such as overcurrent protection and overtemperature alarm. The latter, combined with a mechanical temperature limiter, provides a safe and reliable working environment that minimizes potential mishaps and accidents.

Finally, the option of design recycling and an optional magnetic function increase the adaptability of this equipment, allowing customization to meet the individual needs of each laboratory.