Exploring the technical specifications and features of Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Platelet Incubators

Laboratory Platelet Incubators are key equipment in human healthcare. Their impeccable precision and efficient performance contribute to maintaining the integrity of platelets, extremely delicate blood components vital to patient health. In the following, we will focus on two characteristic models of the Kalstein brand: the YR06028 and YR06029 models, whose technical specificities, features and advantages we will discuss in detail.

Overview of YR06028 and YR06029 models of Kalstein Laboratory Platelet Incubators

Kalsteinโ€™s YR06028 and YR06029 laboratory platelet incubators are indispensable scientific devices for the preservation and regulation of blood platelets in laboratory environments. Both versions are designed to meet high standards of accuracy, with distinct differences in storage capacity and power consumption.

The YR06028 model can store up to 10 x 450 ml blood bags, distributed in 5 layers, in a single drawer. On the other hand, the larger capacity YR06029 model can hold up to 20 blood bags of 450 ml in 10 layers, distributed in two drawers. In terms of power consumption, the YR06028 consumes 2.69 kWh/24h, while the YR06029 consumes 4.4 kWh/24h. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/22-c-blood-platelet-incubator-yr06028-yr06029/

Distinctive technical features and cooling system

The central element of these devices is the forced air cooling method. Both models use R134a refrigerant and are equipped with a frost-free system, ensuring an ideal environment for preserving the quality of the platelets. In addition, both models are equipped with a powerful EMBRACO compressor.

Wrapped in the core of the cooling system is an NTC sensor, which is used for accurate detection of temperature changes and a microprocessor temperature controller, which will ensure a precisely controlled environment for the platelets by providing a constant temperature between 20 and 24 ยฐC.

Functional presentation and storage capacity

One of the decisive factors in choosing between these two models depends on the quality of their functional implementation and the required capacity. The more compact and smaller capacity YR06028 model is ideal for laboratories that require lower storage of blood bags. In contrast, the YR06029 model, with its capacity to store twice as many blood bags in its two-drawer structure, is preferable for a higher demand environment.

These models, in addition to their difference in terms of capacity and number of drawers, also vary in size, with the YR06028 model lighter than the YR06029.

Digital display and quiet performanceย 

A unique feature of these platelet incubators is the inclusion of a digital display. This display device facilitates constant monitoring of temperature conditions within the storage chamber, allowing precise adjustments in response to changes detected by the NTC sensor.

In addition to their high level of accuracy and control, these models ensure a quiet working environment. With noise levels of no more than 50 dB, the operation of these incubators does not interfere with critical laboratory processes or the comfort of laboratory professionals.

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s YR06028 and YR06029 laboratory platelet incubators are distinguished by their precision, functionality and ability to adapt to different storage demands, offering high quality solutions for the preservation and regulation of blood platelets.