An In-Depth Review of Kalstein’s High Capacity Nitrogen Tanks for Storage or Transport Series

When it comes to the critical task of maintaining and transporting valuable biological materials, Kalstein’s high-capacity nitrogen tanks emerge as the superior choice for laboratory professionals around the world. This diverse series of models demonstrates a high-quality finish, with specialized technical specifications to meet a variety of experimental needs.

Overview of Kalstein Nitrogen Tanks (YR05383 – YR05392)

Kalstein nitrogen tanks provide a high capacity solution for storing or transporting items that require to be maintained in a nitrogen environment. These tanks are designed to allow maximum storage with minimal nitrogen evaporation over time. The YR05383 to YR05392 series range in capacity from 2 to 10 liters of liquid nitrogen.

These tanks can accommodate up to six canisters, with individual capacities ranging from 90 to 2244 0.5 ml or 0.25 ml straws. Additionally, these models have a static holding capacity of 28 to 86 days; this specification indicates the amount of time the liquid nitrogen remains liquid in the tank without refilling.

Models YR05393 – YR05402: Outstanding features

Models YR05393 to YR05402 offer storage capacities while maintaining low static evaporation, thus maximizing static holding time. These tanks can accommodate up to 2832 double-layer straws and have liquid nitrogen volumes ranging from 13 to 30 liters.

In terms of static maintenance, these models offer a shelf life ranging from 109 to 254 days, making them ideal for long-term storage applications. Low daily evaporation (0.11 to 0.12 L/day) is an additional feature that contributes to the efficiency of these models.

YR05403 – YR05416 Series Innovations

The YR05403 to YR05416 series outperforms its predecessors with liquid nitrogen capacities between 20 and 50 liters. These models can store from 792 to 11640 0.25 ml straws and 1284 to 20760 0.5 ml straws in a double layer, demonstrating their incredible storage capacity.

Despite these high capacities, the tanks still maintain optimum performance in static evaporation and static holding time. Static evaporation ranges from 0.12 to 0.41 L/day, and static holding time varies from 86 to 286 days depending on the model, supporting both intensive and long-term storage uses.

Why choose Kalstein nitrogen tanks?

From small to large capacities, Kalstein nitrogen tanks offer a wide range of solutions for storing and transporting critical materials at nitrogen temperatures.

These robust and efficient vessels meet all quality and safety requirements and can withstand the rigors of an intense laboratory environment. The capacity to hold a large volume of liquid nitrogen and the ability to minimize evaporation confirm the effectiveness of these tank series.