A technical overview of the efficiency and specificities of the Kalstein YR05319 Laboratory Cryocooler

The preservation of biosamples is a critical facet of laboratory work, requiring equipment that provides total accuracy and consistency. One of the giants in the field of laboratory equipment, Kalstein, has developed a top-of-the-line laboratory cryo-freezer, model YR05319, which ensures a temperature of down to -150°C. This equipment supports both research innovation and workflow efficiency with its high accuracy and reliability.

Overview and key features

The Kalstein Model YR05319 Laboratory Cryo-Freezer is a high-performance product that has been designed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency to preserve biosamples. It offers 128L of capacity, which translates into high storage capacity for efficient preservation of laboratory materials.

One of the most outstanding features of this model is its high level of energy efficiency, which not only saves money but also resources. In addition, the YR05319 is distinguished by its robust and durable design, ensuring a long service life even under extreme conditions. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/touch-screen-cryogenic-chest-freezer-inner-sus-for-biosamples-preservation-yr05319/

High/low temperature and sensor error alarm

The YR05319 laboratory cryocooler is equipped with a high/low temperature alarm system. This feature allows effective and rapid control over any critical temperature variations, essential for optimal preservation of biosamples. Warnings can be both visual and audible, ensuring that any unexpected changes are detected immediately.

In addition, this model has a sensor error alarm function. This means that, in the event of a problem with the temperature sensor, the alarm will be triggered automatically. This technical feature is very useful to prevent any damage or loss of stored samples.

Failure of the thermostat and safety system

This laboratory cryocooler is equipped with an alarm system in case of thermostat failure. This feature is designed to maintain the temperature at optimum levels and ensure proper preservation. In the event of a failure, the alarm will be activated to warn the user and prevent possible damage to the biosamples.

In terms of safety, although it is not alarmed in case of power failure, abnormal voltage, high ambient temperature, door ajar or low battery, its robust design and existing alarm systems provide a high level of reliability and protection for the stored samples.

Efficient design and storage capacity

The YR05319 offers a storage capacity of 128L. This large capacity allows laboratories to store a large number of biosamples in one place, thus optimizing the use of available space.

In summary, the Kalstein laboratory cryo freezer model YR05319 is a highly efficient and reliable solution for the preservation of biosamples. With its ample storage capacity, state-of-the-art alarm functions and robust design, this model is a high quality, high performance product that will meet the needs of any modern laboratory.