Technical Comparison of Kalstein Laboratory Muffle Furnaces

In technical terms, the YR05284 model stands out among the others because it offers higher capacity, higher continuous working temperature, and higher temperature accuracy. This makes it an excellent choice for laboratories that need a reliable, high-capacity muffle furnace with precise, automatic temperature control.

Each of the Kalstein models provides specific features designed for different research purposes, ensuring that scientific and medical professionals can find a muffle furnace that perfectly suits their needs.

General Description and Technical Specifications of the Kalstein YR05284 Muffle Furnace

The Kalstein YR05284 Laboratory Muffle Furnace is a must-have tool in the scientific world due to its advanced functionalities and technical specifications. With a nominal voltage of AC 380 V single phase or three phase 50/60 Hz, this equipment offers a powerful performance of 18kw, making it ready to handle a variety of laboratory samples.

The YR05284 features a spacious chamber size of 400x400x400mm, which equates to a capacity of 64L. This space accommodates enough samples for large-scale processes in the laboratory. This furnace has a maximum temperature of 1700 ยฐC, and for continuous operation, it can maintain a temperature of 1600 ยฐC. Its high heating rate of up to 30 ยฐC /min makes it an efficient choice for fast sample processing.

Automatic Control and Built-in Protectionย 

The YR05284 stands out in its class due to its automatic PID temperature controller and auto-tuning function, which allows users to maintain accurate temperatures during testing. Additionally, it offers 30 programmable segments for fine-tuned control. This feature, along with its exceptional temperature accuracy of +/- 1ยฐC, ensures that test results are accurate and repeatable. Importantly, it also has built-in protections against overheating and thermocouple breakage, ensuring user safety and long equipment life.

The range of muffle furnaces in Kalsteinโ€™s Universal Lab line offers a variety of models, each with different technical specifications to meet different laboratory needs. Although they all share similar features, equipped to operate at high temperatures, there are certain aspects in which they differ.

For example, the YR05272 and YR05277 have the same chamber dimensions, but vary in their maximum temperature and heating elements. The YR05272 has a maximum temperature of 1200ยฐC and uses an Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire for heating, while the YR05277 can reach 1400ยฐC using a SiC heater. Similarly, although YR05281 also has the same chamber dimensions as the previous two, it can reach a maximum temperature of 1700ยฐC using a MoSi2 Heater.