Specifications and Features: Kalstein Infant Radiant Warmer Models

Infant Radiant Warmers are an indispensable addition to any neonatal care unit. Designed to provide the optimal warmth environment for the newborn, these units are distinguished by their versatile configuration and advanced technical features that ensure the safety and comfort of the infant.

Temperature Control Mode

One of the outstanding features of the Kalstein infant radiant warmer is its sophisticated temperature control system. This system offers three modes of operation: preheat, manual control and skin temperature control.

The preheat mode allows the unit to quickly reach the required temperature safely and evenly. Manual control gives healthcare professionals the flexibility to adjust the temperature according to the patientโ€™s specific needs. Finally, skin temperature control, which is achieved by a sensor placed on the infantโ€™s skin, ensures that the infantโ€™s body temperature remains constant and within safe limits.

Additional Features for Flexibility and Safety

The Kalstein infant radiant warmer incorporates a number of features designed to optimize operation and maximize patient safety. The collapsible bed allows easy access to the infant and enables more efficient handling during medical procedures. Another innovative feature is the rotating radiant heater, which allows the heat source to be directed in different directions for maximum heating efficiency.

In a medical environment, where accurate and fast diagnoses are essential, Kalsteinโ€™s radiant heaters include an X-ray cassette, making it easy to take X-rays without moving the patient. The equipment also features a fault alarm, to alert medical personnel if the device is outside normal operating parameters or if there is any type of problem. To keep track of the infantโ€™s condition, the infant radiant warmers include an APGAR timer, a vital tool for quickly assessing the newbornโ€™s health.

Bed Dimensions

Finally, a crucial aspect to consider when selecting an infant radiant warmer is the size of your bed. The dimensions should be large enough to accommodate the infant comfortably, but compact enough to allow for better maneuverability and optimize space within the neonatal care unit. Kalsteinโ€™s infant radiant warmers are designed with these needs in mind, offering adequate sizes that do not compromise on performance and efficiency.

In short, Kalsteinโ€™s infant radiant warmers are equipped with advanced technical features and are designed with the safety and comfort of the smallest patients in mind. With their versatility and high level of functionality, they are a leading choice for any neonatal care unit.

Relevant brand modelsย 

YR02190 Infant Radiant Warmer: Skin temperature sensor drop protection function to prevent overheating, Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple faults with 3 priorities, Note that the light angle can be adjusted, 40% constant power heating function, OFF timer, RS-232 connector. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/infant-radiant-warmer-yr02190/

Childrenโ€™s Radiant Heater YR02192: Large cradle is convenient for operation. 40% constant power heating function, Double-sided phototherapy unit provides treatment for jaundice. Vertical height can be adjusted. Oxygen therapy unit, resuscitation balloon, fixed infant head shelf, oxygen hood, low pressure suction system. OFF timer, Cylindrical chassis. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/infant-radiant-warmer-yr02192/