Kalstein Laboratory Nitrogen Tank Innovations

In scientific laboratories, the importance of effective and safe liquid nitrogen storage is immense. Kalstein liquid nitrogen tanks have revolutionized this aspect by providing robust and efficient nitrogen storage solutions.

This manufacturer has been noted for its optimally designed nitrogen tanks for laboratories. Highly durable with robust aluminum construction, Kalstein tanks ensure safe nitrogen storage. They feature high-efficiency vacuum insulation to minimize evaporation of the liquid nitrogen, while providing a level indicator for easy monitoring of the contents. These features, along with six layers of thermal protection and a locking lid, ensure that the liquid nitrogen is properly contained and protected.

Versatile Applicationsย 

Kalstein liquid nitrogen tanks have a number of clinical, biological and industrial applications. In medicine, they are used to preserve tissues and other biological materials at low temperatures. In biotechnology, they facilitate the storage of living cells and microorganisms for research.

In the chemical industry, they are used to carry out reactions at extremely low temperatures, while in computing, they help cool supercomputers to ensure maximum performance. Kalsteinโ€™s liquid nitrogen tanks are an essential factor for laboratories, hospitals and various industries because of their unsurpassed quality, efficiency and safety.

Innovations in Nitrogen Tanks

Kalstein has proven to be a leading innovator in liquid nitrogen storage solutions. They feature a number of innovative features designed to enhance safety and ease of use. Some models incorporate advanced locking boxes designed to prevent unauthorized access to the tank. In addition, with the addition of remote monitoring systems, users can monitor liquid nitrogen levels in real time from a remote location, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents.

Users can rest assured that, regardless of which Kalstein model they choose to purchase, they will be investing in a first-class product at a competitive price. In this way, the performance and reliability of Kalstein nitrogen tanks ensure high performance and peace of mind. With manufacturer Kalstein, selling and purchasing safe, efficient, high-tech liquid nitrogen tanks has never been easier.

Innovations in Nitrogen Tank Modelsย 

High capacity series for storage or transport (round containers) YR05393 // YR05402: Rugged, lightweight aluminum construction. Heavy-duty lockable cabinet offers excellent security, Numbered index location points for canisters, Straw storage, LNโ‚‚ metering pump available, Roller bases available, High thermal efficiency. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/high-capacity-series-for-storage-or-transport-round-canisters-yr05393-yr05402/

Biomedical liquid nitrogen storage solutions Dryshipper series for transport (round containers) YR05417 // YR05422: is designed for safe transport of samples under cryogenic conditions (vapor phase storage, temperature below -190 ยฐC). Since the risk of LNโ‚‚ release is avoided, it is suitable for air transport of samples. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/biomedical-liquid-nitrogen-storage-solutions-dryshipper-series-for-transportation-round-canisters-yr05417-yr05422/

Medium-sized storage for medical use YR05357 // YR05364 Series: ULT storage with extremely low LN๏ Œ evaporation loss, The freezer racks are in an ultra-low temperature environment with extremely low LN2 evaporation. Even stored in vapor phase, the temperature will be below -190ยฐC for a long time. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/medical-medium-sized-storage-series-yr05357-yr05364/

Biomedical liquid nitrogen storage solutions YR05423 // YR05437: Stainless steel structure: the stainless steel structure can withstand the most demanding environments and ensure long-lasting safety. It also provides a reduced evaporation loss rate compared to conventional weld isolation tanks. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/biomedical-liquid-nitrogen-storage-solutions-yr05423-yr05437/