Discovering Excellence in Moisture Analysis: A Preview of Kalstein Models

The world of laboratory and medical equipment is vast and constantly evolving to meet the challenges of accuracy, efficiency and durability. Among this extensive variety, moisture analyzers stand out for their crucial role in various research and industries.

Moisture Analyzers are indispensable tools in many branches of science, and Kalstein has developed four models to suit the needs of any laboratory or medical practice. In this article, we will explore the technical specifications and features of models YR05558, YR05559, YR05560 and YR05561.

Moisture Analyzer Capacity and Calibration

Capacity is one of the most relevant specifications when selecting a moisture analyzer. In this case, the YR05558 and YR05559 models are designed to support loads of up to 110 grams and 210 grams respectively, which adds versatility when measuring samples of different volumes. In addition, all models display a readability of 0.001 grams, ensuring outstanding measurement accuracy.

Calibration is an essential procedure to ensure accurate results when using moisture analyzers. Kalstein models are externally calibrated, offering the option to adjust the equipment according to the userโ€™s needs, thus ensuring maximum accuracy.

Temperature and humidity range

All Kalstein models operate within a temperature range of 5ยฐC to 35ยฐC, which makes them highly adaptable to varying working environments. In addition, they are equipped with a halogen lamp as a heat source, offering a fast response to temperature changes.

As for the humidity range, Kalstein analyzers surprise with a measurement spectrum ranging from 0.00% to 100.00%. This feature allows analyses to be carried out on a variety of samples, regardless of their moisture level.

Heating Source and Operating Temperature Range

The heating source of these moisture analyzers is a crucial element affecting the measurements. Kalstein models use a halogen lamp to generate heat. This proven method is recognized for its efficient temperature transmission and long durability.

In addition, the operating temperature range of these models is 40ยฐC up to 230ยฐC. Such a range means that analyses can be performed at various temperatures within this spectrum, resulting in greater flexibility and accuracy in moisture analysis processes.

What Kalstein has to offer you in terms of Moisture Analyzers

Kalstein Moisture Analyzers offer versatile solutions for moisture measurement challenges in laboratory and medical environments. Their capacity, accuracy, wide operating range of temperature and humidity, along with the use of halogen lamps as a heating source, make them a reliable and durable choice for any professional in the scientific field.

Likewise, Kalstein Moisture Analyzer models are superior laboratory equipment that provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Their capacity, operational temperature range, external calibration, multiple interfaces and their heating system and temperature sensor converge to offer innovative and efficient equipment.