Versatility in Application: Features and Scientific Applications of Kalstein Spectrophotometers

Kalstein is a company specialized in high quality and reliable laboratory products. Its spectrophotometers are no exception to this concept, standing out for their solid construction, precision measurements, and ease of use, essential elements in any laboratory environment.

A Kalstein spectrophotometer requires a light source, a monochromator for wavelength selection, and a light detector. Some models offer a wide range of wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared. Designed for high performance, this brandโ€™s spectrophotometers handle small and tiny samples, providing accurate and repeatable measurements.

Scientific Applications of Spectrophotometers

In the scientific world, spectrophotometers are used in a multiplicity of tasks. They have applications in fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, among others. They are vital in experiments that need to measure chemical content, concentration or biological activity, using light to detect presence and specific changes.

Kalstein spectrophotometers are also used in clinical laboratories, where concentrations of substances such as proteins and sugars are measured in biological samples. Their use in biochemical research is of great relevance, helping to understand the molecular involvement of diseases.

The Different Types of Kalstein Spectrophotometers

Kalstein offers a diverse range of spectrophotometers to suit the needs of laboratories, including:

Portable Spectrophotometer:

Grating Spectrophotometer with UV SCI/SCE Bluetooth YR05500 // YR05502: adopts dual bluetooth and USB modes for wider use, and with SCI and SCE measurement data, it is compatible with many famous brands. 8mm, 4mm or customized aperture is optional. Special UV light makes YS3060 sample easy to measure with UV, and high precision and extended function PC software make it a good partner for color control and color quality management.

20mm aperture grating spectrophotometer YR05503: 45/0 grating spectrophotometer with 20mm aperture for traffic signs. Used to measure the brightness factor and color coordinates of traffic signs, markings and reflective films. Contains GB 2893 and GB/T 18833 standard colors. You can customize the rectangular tolerance of polygons manually.

Portable Desktop Spectrophotometer:

YR05486 Portable Desktop Spectrophotometer: YR05486 portable desktop spectrophotometer is a spectrophotometer developed by Kalstein with independent core spectroscopic technology. It adopts integrated silicon photodiode array sensors (40 groups in double rows) and imported white board, and takes into account measurement speed and operation convenience. The rotating and pressure structure makes the test more convenient.

Double beams:

Dual beam UV / VIS spectrophotometer YR01863 // YR01865: Double light path design can avoid circuit fluctuation and stray light ensure the stability of the instrument.

Dual beam spectrophotometer YR01862-1 -YR01862-2: Full wavelength scanning (190-1100 nm) covers ultraviolet, visible and near infrared regions. Fully sealed structure, all optical mirrors are equipped with SiO2 protective film to prevent stray light caused by dust and corrosive gases. Imported core components greatly reduce stray light and improve stability and reliability.

Single beam:

Ultraviolet visible UV / VIS ultraviolet spectrophotometer โ€“ YR01854: Large LCD display (128ร—64 dots). Can display a total of 200 groups of data, 5 groups per screen. Can display standard curve and curve equation. Can save 200 groups of curve equations. Convenient to check and reload.


Biophotometer Micro-Spectrophotometer YR06033: Smart and compact design, lightweight and easy to move. 7 inch LCD color touch screen, stand-alone system and no PC required. User-friendly operating system, Ul module design, simple and clear. Long life xenon lamp, no warm-up time. USB storage, easy to retrieve test data.

Use of Kalstein Spectrophotometers in Laboratories

The diversity of Kalstein spectrophotometers facilitates their adaptation to multiple laboratory scenarios, achieving efficient and accurate operations. They are used to prepare solutions of precise concentrations, to determine the concentration of unknown molecules, or to understand the rate of a chemical reaction.

In conclusion, Kalstein spectrophotometers are an essential tool for any laboratory seeking accuracy, versatility and reliability. With their wide range of options and applications, any scientific experiment can be complemented and enriched with their use. At Kalstein we are committed to quality equipment at the best price in the market, and we offer after sales service anywhere in the world.