Kalstein Mini Cabinets: Advanced Design for Safety and Efficiency in your Laboratory

Kalstein Mini Cabinets are the result of an ingenious combination of superior technology, sophisticated design and a user-centered approach. Ideal for professionals involved in scientific research and procedures, these mini cabinets provide a controlled environment for the safe and effective handling of sensitive materials.

Kalstein Mini Cabinets are a testament to the brandโ€™s commitment to scientific excellence, offering innovative solutions that enable safe and efficient operations. Their combination of robust design, cutting-edge technology and practicality makes them an outstanding choice for any laboratory focused on ensuring safety, accuracy and productivity in their work.

Innovative Features of Kalstein Mini Cabinets

Kalstein Mini Cabinets are recognized within the medical and scientific industry for their innovation and functionality. They are built to resist corrosion, thanks to their stainless steel design; thus providing a long service life. Their high-efficiency LED lighting ensures adequate visibility, while their audible and visual alarm system for pressure irregularities ensures the protection of the sample and personnel.

Kalstein Mini Cabinets feature an integrated HEPA filter, capable of trapping 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles, creating a highly sterile environment for the safe handling of delicate materials. In addition, their exceptional ergonomic design offers comfort during extended periods of use, with an emphasis on ease of operation.

Kalstein Mini Cabinet Models and Applications

Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05269-2: Provide use for medical and health institutions, colleges and universities and other industries for regional air purification operation.

Stainless steel mirror, corrosion resistant; low consumption and high efficiency filter; microcomputer control, adjustable air speed. This series of Laminar Flow Cabinet is the essential equipment to carry out biotechnological and experimental research, widely used in medicine, universities and other industries. Provide air purification for the working area. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/laminar-flow-cabinet-yr05269-2/


The working surface is made of mirror stainless steel, easy to clean, corrosion resistant.

Equipped with many kinds of filters to meet customerโ€™s purification grade requirements.

LED microcomputer controller, adjustable fan speed.

The operation door can be placed in any position.

Elevate the Safety of Your Laboratory with Kalstein Mini Booths

In the fast-paced world of scientific and medical research, safety is paramount. Kalstein Mini Booths provide a vital shield of protection between the researcher and the working materials, reducing the risks associated with handling potentially hazardous substances.

In addition, Kalstein Cabinets not only keep personnel safe, but also protect the integrity of the research. Their ability to provide a sterile, controlled environment for sample processing means less contamination and, consequently, more accurate results.

Your investment in a Kalstein Mini Cabinet is an investment in the safety and success of your laboratory; as a manufacturer, we have the best prices on the market, as well as the technical staff to advise you before and after your purchase.