Commitment to Quality and Accuracy in Anatomic Pathology Equipment

In the vibrant field of anatomic pathology, having high-quality instruments is an undisputed necessity. This is where the reputable Kalstein brand comes into the picture. With a wide range of specialized equipment, Kalstein has established itself as a mainstay in laboratories around the world. We will take a closer look at the types of Kalstein equipment for anatomic pathology laboratories, discussing their features, uses and applications.

One of Kalsteinโ€™s cornerstones is its commitment to quality. This brand prides itself on offering equipment that not only lasts a long time, but also provides accurate and reliable results. From microtomes to tissue processing equipment, meet some of our equipment; YR439 Tissue Inclusion Center: is a complete kerosene dispensing unit that includes a 3 liter kerosene container, heated work area and cooling point. The ergonomic elevated heated work area is illuminated with adjustable LED light and allows comfortable sample processing. All unit functions are controlled by an intuitive control panel including programmable working hours. Learn more features

Microtomes: High Quality Scraps

Kalstein microtomes are necessary tools in any anatomic pathology laboratory. These kits allow pathologists to cut tissue samples into very thin sections, which can then be examined under a microscope. Kalstein microtomes offer exceptional precision, ensuring consistent, quality slices. They are also easy to use and maintain, making them perfect for high-volume laboratories.

YR415-1 Automated Microtome: This machine uses a streamlined design, with advanced features, stable and reliable performance and ease of use, The feeding system uses an intelligent control mechanism; enabling fast switching between manual or automated intelligent sectioning modes; Automatic slicing speed is adjustable, advanced drive systems and multiple functions including sectioning, trimming, fast forward, fast backward conversion, fast mode, including automatic retraction. Learn more features

Tissue Sample Plates: Improving Laboratory Efficiency

Kalstein also offers a series of high quality tissue sample plates. These platforms are essential for keeping specimens safe and organized during processing. Made of durable materials, Kalstein plates are designed to withstand frequent use without losing their effectiveness. They are also easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring laboratory safety and hygiene.

Flotation workstation (water bath/slide dryer) YR456: Pure green digital display for real-time monitoring of heating temperature, direct and clear, easy to operate; All parameters including preset temperatures, working temperatures and drafting status are displayed in real time, The temperature is automatically controlled by program by single-chip microprocessors, This device features multiple functions and its easy setting operation can meet the needs of different users; Two independent heating tanks with low voltage DC lighting system and removable transparent heating plate: easy operation and convenient observation.

Tissue Processors: Maintaining Precision Standards

Finally, Kalstein offers high-quality tissue processors, which guarantee effective and safe processing of tissue samples. With a variety of features, such as automatic temperature control and the ability to customize processing cycles, these machines enable laboratories to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy.

YR428 Automated Tissue Processor: Used primarily in small laboratories to process specimens to improve section quality. The maximum number of specimens processed is 50 at a time. It is popular in the market due to its space saving and simple operation. Learn more about it

Kalstein Conclusionsย ย 

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s anatomic pathology laboratory equipment offerings are a testament to their commitment to quality, efficiency and accuracy. Whether youโ€™re looking for a high-quality microtome, durable tissue specimen plates, or a reliable tissue processor, you can rest assured that Kalstein has what you need. By investing in Kalstein equipment, you are not only improving your labโ€™s efficiency, but also ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Other important equipment includes the Paraffin Dispenser โ€“ YR459: Any histology lab must have kerosene wax to perform the sectioning process so that the lab operator can view the specimens through a microscope. It is common to have a kerosene dispenser in this type of laboratory because of the importance of this consumable. Tissue processing is one of the most delicate techniques in any type of laboratory. You must know many details and the process must be very precise.