Why is it important to use the Analytical Balance for the manufacture of cleaning products?

Cleaning products are of great use today, as they allow the removal of dirt, and some can disinfect spaces where they are applied. These products are mixtures of chemicals, which may be in solid or liquid form and have varying degrees of toxicity. For its production, it is necessary to use the appropriate doses of all reagents, since this guarantees the concentration of all the assets in the product.

To achieve this objective, it is important to use an analytical balance, since it allows measuring in an accurate and reproducible way all the chemicals that need to be added in the different formulations of cleaning products. Some of these chemicals, such as dyes and fragrances, which are incorporated in very small doses into the formula, are best measured with an analytical scale because they provide:

  • Accuracy of the masses of chemicals and additives.
  • Repeatability in the measures carried out.
  • Sensitivity in small mass measurements, which is necessary to incorporate colors, fragrances and other additives.

The need to control the percentage composition of cleaning products

Depending on the type of cleaning product to be manufactured, it is necessary to add the appropriate dose of the active substance and the other additives; the latter may add other beneficial properties to the product or emulsify the active substance so that the product remains in a single phase in an aqueous system. Among the most commonly used assets in cleaning products, the following can be mentioned:

  • Surfactants or soaps, which help remove dirt from surfaces.
  • Sodium hypochlorite, for disinfection and bleaching.
  • Caustic soda, for fat cleaning
  • Quaternary ammonium salt, for disinfection of spaces
  • Ammonia solutions

Some of the surfactants and soaps can be used for personal hygiene, and from the medical point of view, for the washing and disinfection of wounds, cleaning of laboratory equipment, among others. As these components pose a risk to humans, at least their composition should be ensured.

How does the analytical balance help to control the composition of cleaning products?

In general, cleaning products are formulated by an active ingredient, which can be any of the above mentioned, dissolved in water; and additives that modify the organoleptic properties of the product can be incorporated: thickeners, colorants and flavorings. A preservative is also added to prevent deterioration of the product.

Since cleaning products are mostly aqueous solutions, they are formulated by establishing a mass percentage of all substances in the total volume of product to be manufactured. In most cases, assets such as surfactants, caustic soda, and thickeners are added in greater than 2% (2 g of asset per 100 g of product); others are added in smaller proportions:

  • Fragrances are very expensive, and less than 1% is added
  • Dyes are added even below 0.1%
  • Some preservatives, such as formaldehyde, are added no more than 0.5%

To incorporate the latter components, only the analytical balance has the sensitivity to measure the required quantity. In other types of preparations, where the product comes in fluid paste, solid or powder, the requirements are the same, only what changes is the presentation. Finally, the analytical balance is important for the preparation of cleaning products by ensuring:

  • Precise weighing of active ingredients and other additives
  • Exact weighing of micro amounts of some additives
  • Repeatability in measured reagent masses

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