Anesthesia machines: What is its importance in the operating room?

Anesthesia machines are medical equipment that combines mechanics, engineering and electronics, as they result from a mixture of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components, and integrate all the components necessary to carry out general anesthesia. They are composed of vaporizers, fans, breathing system, monitors and scanning systems.

These equipment are currently of great importance at the medical level because they guarantee the supply of an exact amount of anesthetic gas to a patient during a surgical process, so that the health of the patient is not affected. The anesthesia machines safely, adequately, programmed and continuously or intermittently supply the administration of oxygen, medicinal gases and anesthetic agents; allowing spontaneous or controlled ventilation of the patient.

How do anesthesia machines work?

The anesthesia machines receive the medicinal gases and accurately distribute the flow and pressure of each gas according to the patient’s needs, these adjustments are usually manually inserted by the operator. These must be handled by highly qualified and trained medical personnel, who must also periodically check their calibrations and functioning.

These equipment have monitoring systems and analyzers. Also alarms and physiological record that allow proper control of anesthesia doses. On the other hand, it is able to monitor changes in vital signs, regardless of whether they are the result of surgery or anesthesia.

What is the importance of the anesthetic machine?

Anesthesia machines are very important medical instruments of high precision in the surgical process. These equipment provide appropriate and safe conditions for the work of the medical team involved in the operation. Anesthesia machines have now become extremely essential equipment in hospitals and have evolved throughout history, to the point that modern anesthesia machines allow control of a number of vital functions and still calculate particular dose ranges.

These equipment are medical equipment capable of administering anesthetic gases taking advantage of the lung absorption of these gases. Among its functions we can mention:

  • Administer anesthesia.
  • Control your depth.
  • Handle the patient’s breathing completely.
  • Monitor respiratory variables.
  • Monitor your own performance.

What do we offer you in Kasltein?

At Kalstein we are MANUFACTURERS of medical equipment of the highest quality and which are designed with the best technology at the best PRICES of the market. This time we present our anesthesia machine YR02196, a novel and flexible anesthesia solution for now and for the future. Our customers can start with a routine application. The anesthesia machine can be upgraded to better meet customers’ anesthetic requirements. The expansion of the modern anesthesia workstation is also feasible to greatly improve workflow and reduce operating costs. YR anesthesia machines can be used to administer and administer inhalation anesthesia in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Among its main features we can mention:

  • The anesthesia machine offers electronic PEEP function.
  • It has automatic current volume compensation, except Anaeston 3000C.
  • It provides a high precision output of only 20 ml.
  • The anesthesia machine uses latex-free, autoclavable components.
  • It can be easily maintained and cleaned without specialized tools.
  • It is CE certified, giving users peace of mind.

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