The Dissolved Oxygen Meter to promote the development of aquaculture activity

Dissolved oxygen meters are equipment that meets the trend of calculating the state of wastewater, computed and recorded in percentages by appropriate sensors with 100% legal technology. It helps to improve investment costs with respect to supplier companies with the possibility to make adaptations according to their use.

The sensors are part of the equipment as a measuring system, to convert and prepare the signal that supports the measurement of the values of physical, chemical and mechanical typologies. They are suitable to the indication obtained from a transducer that is usually provided in millivolts at clear values according to the objective to be implemented.

In this case, to know the state of pollution of water for plant and animal life, the oxygen indicator measures the quality levels and the set of physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the same. It is a contribution to the determination of the waters in relation to the parameters of the production of different species or human need.

Thus, the dissolved oxygen meters offered by Kalstein, go hand in hand with the functions of each sector for the development of the multiple activities that these require.

Water Quality for Optimal Production

Aquaculture are activities created by man for the production of plant and animal species, which are carried out in different phases such as breeding and fattening. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the environment and ensure the growth of fish in suitable waters, so it should focus on the physical components, chemicals and interaction with living organisms.

In addition, many factors must be considered to affect it and must be assessed periodically in order to implement the necessary corrective measures. Therefore, all aquaculture farmers take into account the oxygen levels present in the ponds, and the use of Kalstein brand dissolved oxygen meters, are ideal because it shows automatic temperature compensation, guaranteeing accuracy throughout the range, as well as the automatic reading function that records and blocks the final point of measurement.

As a result, the concentrations of dissolved oxygen that are renewed according to temperature can be captured, and if these measures do not correspond, the species can be vulnerable to diseases, parasites or any other pollutant.

Important Factors for Determining Dissolved Oxygen

Among the chemical and physical parameters of water, it is considered that the dissolved oxygen levels, temperature and hydrogen potential are important factors to determine water quality. Measurement is done manually, in situ, using appropriate equipment to obtain samples and be analyzed in the laboratory. This data must show the values in order to execute and measure the required actions, because the frequency of the measurement depends on it.

The quality parameters are obtained by using the information collected by the sensors showing the oxygen levels inside the water. Sensors are neutral mechanisms that form a small sum of voltage, depending on the degree of saturation that is present in the film. The dissolved oxygen meter and records the behavior of the water quality elements for the purpose of taking prevention and control measures. But thanks to the effective functions and the precise sample results of the dissolved oxygen meter, species contamination and crop rescue can be avoided.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter Brand Kalstein

In this category, our users will find the appropriate accessories for all medical equipment. This includes a wide selection of Dissolved Oxygen Meters, belonging to the YR series, which have: Range 2,000 to 20,000 pH. Resolution is 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 pH, selectable. Accuracy is ± 0.002 pH and calibration points are 1 to 5 points.

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