The Importance of Heating Blankets in the Laboratory

Heating blankets or agitators are essential equipment for many laboratory applications. These heating blankets offer the option of a uniform temperature for experiments, allowing the material to be constantly heated from a small volume to large quantities. This means that researchers can conduct experiments without worrying about temperature variation. Researchers can also use the heating blankets to perform many jobs at once without having to worry about the location of their experiments in the lab.

They are also useful for those engaged in handling biological samples. And at Kalstein we have the heating blankets that allow researchers to keep a minimum of heat for fragile cells that are in a liquid mixture, such as polysaccharides, DNA, and so on. This allows enrichment of results and prevents results from being skewed by inappropriate temperatures.

Performance of Heating Blankets (Agitators)

Heating blankets are useful in microbial fermentation processes, allowing researchers to control the fermentation medium properly without having to worry about uncontrollable temperature variation, maximizing success in the production of any microbial product.

Another important application of heating blankets is for chemical synthesis processes. These heating blankets are especially useful for accelerating the process of chemical reaction, allowing the reaction heat to be reached more quickly. This means that the reaction time can be significantly reduced without worrying about the cooling effects that occur during experiments.

In short, these equipments provide a uniform temperature for experiments, allowing a great saving of time and effort to the researcher. Therefore, it is evident that heating blankets are fundamental in the development of any laboratory experiment.


The use of heating blankets -or agitators- are used in the laboratory, and are important to optimize the processes of heating and homogenization of liquids during their various applications. They generally provide the heating and stirring necessary to perform procedures such as mixtures, distillations and reactions. These devices are essential for achieving the results sought in experiments and tests and offer a variety of advantages.

They have a variety of useful applications, including sample incubation and liquid mixing. These allow for tests and experiments where precise temperature control is required, eliminating the dangers of exceeding the temperature and increasing the results. In addition, they speed up the process of homogenizing liquids to ensure an effective and quality mixing.

In conclusion, the use of heating blankets in the laboratory is an essential part of the temperature control and the proper mixture of liquids. These allow to optimize the results by reducing the risk of damage from excessive heating, providing a uniform way of shaking and mixing the contents. This essential tool helps ensure successful experiments as a safe way to minimize errors.

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