What is the role of the ECG?

The paper used in the electrocardiogram has certain special characteristics, mainly a grid paper with large frames divided by small frames (5×5), forming a millimeter paper, where each small frame measures 1 millimeter with respect to the large frame measuring 5 millimeters.  

It is important that it is a high quality paper because its function is to provide an accurate record with optimum readability, to provide correct data, to be completely sure that the paper is of quality a comparison is made between the monitor screen and the printed results, however, according to the equipment used for the measurements, paper is used in rolls or special paper folded or folded in zigzag (O in Z). 

Paper Characteristics (ECG)

  • Generally divided by each 5 small 1mm squares, there is a thicker line that forms a larger 5mm square.
  • Thermosensitive paper for precise paths and durability for archiving.
  • Average weight to easily pass through the printing devices.
  • Maximum quality, clear presentation and reliable management are key aspects of the role of ECG.
  • Paper available in rolls or boxes folded in Z, blank or grid.
  • There are paper models that feature multiple graphic versions that are offered with beating per minute (lpm) scales for various types of patients.
  • It’s necessary that I have ample space to enter patient data on certain papers.
  • You must have End-of-Pack and End-of-Roll Indicators that indicate the paper change time

Paper Axes of the ECG

The paper used in ECG has two axes, each measuring certain parameters, the vertical axis measures the amplitude of the electrical current of the heart, which is measured in millivolts (mV). As a rule, 10 mm in height equals 1 mV. So, each square of 1 mm on the vertical axis equals 0.1 mV and each large square equals 0.5 mV. Now, the horizontal axis measures time. In a standard electrocardiogram, the paper speed is 25 mm/s. Therefore, each square of 1 mm on the horizontal axis is equal to 0.04 s, and each large square is equal to 0.20 s.

These parameters are used in a standard electrocardiogram, if necessary we can increase the paper speed, this will allow us to see anomalies in the waves or we can decrease it, to detect rhythm disorders, just as we can increase the amplitude if there is low voltage, or decrease it when the QRS complexes are too large.

Importance of a role for quality ECG

A role for high-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) is important to ensure reliable diagnoses, to provide reliable results in both hospitals and specialized offices, it is important to note that the paper ensures reliable results and accurate diagnoses when used as directed. 

If the paper has a well-defined fine grid, it provides an optimal analysis, allowing the cardiologist to read and interpret the waves without additional aids, such as a magnifying glass or other medical devices; moreover, it facilitates the reliable and safe registration of diseases, being a completely painless and harmless examination method even when repeated frequently.

Calibration ECG Paper

At the time of the automatic calibration of the electrocardiograph at the beginning of each record, this calibration can be reflected in the ECG’s role as a rectangle, it is necessary to verify that the electrocardiogram is calibrated and is essential for a reliable test and to avoid false test results.

The electrocardiograph performs an electrical pulse of 1 mV for exactly 0.2 seconds. What is reflected in the Electrocardiogram Paper is formed in the rectangle formed that must be 10 mm in height and 5 mm in width. If the electrocardiograph is correctly calibrated the rectangle formed must not have deviations.

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