What are the criteria for selecting your ideal electrocardiograph

Electrocardiographs are vital medical equipment to provide good health services, so it is an indispensable element in any medical center, whatever its purpose. Generally, its function is to detect heart disease or any type of malfunction or abnormality that presents the heart or its chambers.

Electrocardiographs are based on the recording of the electrical activity of the heart, this is achieved by the use of electrodes that are placed in the limbs of the patient being studied. The result obtained by this equipment is known as an electrocardiogram, an extremely common and necessary examination.

Types of electrocardiographs

Single-channel electrocardiograph, are the most basic equipment, are characterized by being lightweight instruments of easy use, its main function is the recording of the electrical activity of a single lead, so the other 12 leads must be ordered by the medical personnel who are handling the equipment.

Multi-channel electrocardiograph: more advanced and therefore more complex equipment, many of them have an integrated screen, which allows to visualize the analysis in real time and give a greater precision of the study. They are characterized by having 3 to 12 channels, to record each of the 12 leads.

Multichannel with printing: similar to multichannel electrocardiographs, except that they come with a built-in computer, which has recognition patterns, in order to identify normal and abnormal electrical signals. The use of this type of equipment allows medical personnel to have more information about the patientโ€™s heart and thus study its condition in depth, in order to give a correct diagnosis.

Choosing an electrocardiographer โ€“ assess your needs

Before you buy an electrocardiograph, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are your needs, and what will you use your electrocardiograph for? Based on this, you must ask and answer a series of questions that will allow you to have a clear vision of what you are looking for. We recommend that you consider the following:

  • Youโ€™ll use it to do electrocardiograms at rest, rhythm, or stress tests?
  • The type of patients you will be seeing.
  • Whether or not to offer home care.

Based on these responses you will need to purchase a device that fulfills one or more of the functions, i.e. an electrocardiograph that can be used both at rest and for stress testing. On the other hand, if you care for both children and adults, you should verify that your equipment works for both. And finally, thereโ€™s lightweight equipment thatโ€™s as handy as a tablet in case I do home consultations.

Choice of an electrocardiograph: price and technical characteristics

Not always select the most economical equipment, it is the same as saving, since the most important thing is to evaluate the quality-price of the equipment. The best points to observe when purchasing one are, the quality of the equipment and its durability. In other words, you should avoid buying a computer whose only advantage is cost, you should consider other aspects such as warranty, software updates, simplicity or complexity, or installation. It is also very important to remember that it is best to make your purchase with a company that advises you at all times.

After evaluating the price and taking into account what your budget is, it is essential to choose a equipment with good technical characteristics. When selecting it, we recommend that you take into account the following technical aspects, as these will allow you to meet the needs of the patients you will serve:

  • Number of channels.
  • Screen size and features.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Compatibility with other devices, such as WIFI.
  • Safeguarding patient information.
  • Cybersecurity.

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