Ice makers: Recommendations and care

Ice makers are machines that make ice from moving water, as opposed to the traditional method of making ice, where the water is frozen. They are very useful equipment in the health and research sector, so it is essential to carry out proper maintenance and follow a series of steps to care for them.

Many users of these ice-making machines trust and completely neglect the basic maintenance of this equipment, this results in partial or total damage to the equipment, thus affecting the production of ice, and generating unnecessary expenses.

Cleaning the air condenser

To do this, disconnect the power supply, close the water inlet valve, then clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner, non-metallic brush or low pressure air, then open the water inlet valve and connect the electrical supply of the equipment. .

Replace water filters continuously

The water filters that are inside these equipments are in charge of constantly purifying the water that is used. These filters remove possible impurities and mineral sediments, so that the ice produced is the best possible.

When these elements present in the water can settle inside the internal components of the ice maker causing irreversible damage over time. For this, these filters are used who constantly operate removing said impurities.

That is why over time these filters become saturated with the residues present in the water, that is, they lose their ability to purify the water and affect the other components of the equipment, so it is very important to periodically replace these. filters.

Clean every 6 months

Ice makers are machines that get dirty frequently. The handling of water and the low temperatures of the equipment can cause accumulation of dirt due to the presence of pole in the environment.

The accumulation of dirt on the equipment affects the ability of the equipment to stay at a suitable temperature during ice making. Therefore, cleaning the equipment every 6 months will prevent the accumulation of dirt on the internal components of the ice maker.

For this cleaning, it is extremely important not to use damp or wet cloths when cleaning the internal components, since wetting these components can have serious consequences for the equipment because they are equipment that works with electricity.

Detect the presence of mold

Ice makers work at low temperatures so the humidity is constant, this humidity can generate the appearance of mold, this usually appears in small spaces, between the plastic and the rubber of the equipment, and this generates a lot of dirt and therefore affects the operability of the equipment. Therefore, attention must also be paid to the color of the ice flakes.

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