Measurement Systems for Color Assessment in the Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics industry is a market that must be constantly evolving to adapt to the standards of beauty and quality that are renewed day by day. From conducting virtual testing to incorporating transparency into ingredients, the development inspires leading brands to use high technology in their product development. And, as the cosmetics industry continues to incorporate new sectors and trends, color measurement is always going to play a major role in cosmetics manufacturing.

Cosmetics such as nail polish, eye shadow, blush or lipstick, usually have textured surfaces, this makes it more difficult to measure and control the color of products, products that in most cases require that the color is repeated in several of them. The solution for measuring in the cosmetic industry is using measuring software, spectrophotometry and the color evaluation box.

Color measurement in comestology

Whenever you talk about cosmetics, color is a vital factor, whether you are looking for a new shade color to highlight the natural skin tone or a darker shade to create a more serious appearance, as cosmetics are appearance modifiers, their colors must be perfect for each user. For this reason, the repetitiveness in the manufacture of cosmetics is a primary factor since it allows to maintain sales and improve the image of the brand.

Achieving such repetitivity in colors is often not an easy task, since colors can be perceived differently by each person and can also be affected by the lighting of the environment. To achieve this, accurate analysis of colors must be performed, starting first with a visual analysis, however, often this is not enough, since the products have different textures and shines. For more standardized work, the use of more advanced equipment, such as spectrophotometers or color evaluation boxes, is used. Using these high-quality color measuring instruments can achieve the same color products and ensure sales and brand durability.

Measurement with spectrophotometry in cosmetology

Spectrophotometry is a technique used in quality control and consists of evaluating, in multiple points and stages, the sample, in order to ensure that the color is maintained at each stage and thus maintain the repeatability of the colors. Spectrophotometry in the cosmetic industry is widely used because it allows corroborating what is obtained in the visual evaluation and also quantify the information numerically, thus reducing the margin of error.

Using this technique allows manufacturers to save time and reduce losses by ensuring the quality and consistency of their products in the market. Since, the only way to ensure a correct color evaluation is by using this type of equipment, without them, the products could stop being attractive to the market, seeing that there is a high variation in the colors used in each one.

Color evaluation boxes in cosmetology

Another method used in cosmetology is the use of color evaluation boxes, these have their basis in that, colors can be seen different under different sources of lighting. To reduce the error to color contrast assessments, these booths are used, which have the ability to simulate up to 6 different types of lights, thus the choice of color is more accurate.

Color evaluation boxes are not only used in the cosmetic industry, they can be used in all industries where color repetitiveness is required to maintain their brand, such as in the textile industry, photography, automotive industry, ceramics, for the manufacture of plastics, paints or dyes, among others.

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Boxes

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